Former foreign secretary to visit Goldsmiths

David Miliband. Pic: World Economic Forum

Former foreign secretary David Miliband will visit Goldsmiths on Wednesday 17 October to answer questions from staff and students.

Miliband, who specialises in issues of youth unemployment, will face a short interview with Dr. Simon Griffiths from Goldsmiths politics department, followed by an open questions and answers session.

The visit is organised by Goldsmiths Labour Students society and Goldsmiths politics department.

Starting as the MP for South Shields in 2001, David and brother Ed (now leader of the Labour Party) were the first brothers to sit simultaneously in the Cabinet since 1938.

Miliband has held a number of positions in the Labour cabinet from 2004 including Foreign Secretary, and was considered to be a strong contender for the leadership of the party when Gordon Brown resigned after the 2010 elections.

After loosing out to his brother Ed in the leadership election he then announced his retirement from frontline politics. Miliband is currently backbench MP for South Shields. He also chairs the AVECO (Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations) Commission on youth unemployment and is the vice chair of football club Sunderland FC.

Miliband’s visit to Goldsmiths is the first in his university tour this academic year.

Andrew Sigley, Chair of Goldsmiths Labour Students told ELL: “We’re thrilled to provide this opportunity for students and staff to meet with David and question a leading politician and Ex-Foreign secretary. “

The event will take place at 2PM in the New Academic Building in Goldsmiths on October 17.

More details can be found here.

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