£30m regeneration scheme to benefit HIV hospital

The Fundraisng Team with Canon Roger Royle (Anglican Priest and Broadcaster) Margaret Sentanu (President of Mildmay) and Ross White (CEO of Mildmay). Pic: The Docklands and East London Advertiser

The only HIV specialist hospital in the UK has received a cash boost from the sale of its land to a housing association.

Mildmay hospital sold its premises in Shoreditch to the Genesis Housing Association as part of a £30 million initiative that will see an expansion to the 24-year-old hospital, as well as a church and 139 homes on the site.

Juley Ayres, communications manager at Mildmay, said: “Though we’re delighted to be in a position to build the new hospital, we do still have a big task ahead. We need to raise £700,000 to be able to complete the build and refurbish.”

Mildmay, which is both a hospital and a charity, will be implementing various fundraising methods to reach their target including reaching out to the local community.

‘At a time when HIV is on the increase, the services are needed now more than ever,” said Ayres.

Ross White, executive director at Mildmay, said: “There are 100,000 people living in the UK with HIV but a quarter of them go undiagnosed.

“Out of the 100,000, we estimate there is about 2,000 people in the UK that have brain impairment as a result of HIV; it’s very similar to dementia,” said White.

The hospital specialises in dealing with this form of the disease. According to White, HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder is the only form of dementia that is reversible.

Ayres said: “Over 40 per cent of the patients that come to Mildmay are able to return to independent living. We’re building a brighter future for people living with HIV.”

Reconstruction of Mildmay should be completed by autumn of 2013. The new hospital is to have an increased capacity of 26 beds as well as 24-hour care available to patients.

Carol Wood, Communications Officer at the Genesis Housing Association said: “We have got funding from the Homes and Communications Agency to help deal with the cost.”

The initial site purchase of £9.5 million was funded by the HCA. The balance of the £30 million cost was allocated from internal Genesis resources.

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