Wet, cold and mostly peaceful: Eastlondonlines rounds up the highlights of Wednesday’s student demo in London

Boy leads march Pic: Thea Foslie

There were no kettles but plenty of water as thousands of students braved the November rain to protest against the coalition’s cuts to education.

The march concluded with a rally in the controversially obscure Kennington Park, where Liam Burns, president of the NUS, attempted to make a speech about resistance to cuts.

A small group of radical protestors then raided the stage and made appeals to march on Parliament. They managed to occupy the stage but their appeals were ignored by the dwindling crowd.

There was an echo of 2010’s now notorious march when some students tried to leave the route and enter Parliament Square, but the majority of protesters stuck to the plan in what was a predominantly peaceful march.

See how the demonstration progressed during the day on our live blog

Video: Thomas Jivanda\ ELL

Coordinated Signs
Pic: Thomas Jivanda

Pic: Thea Foslie

Masked Protesters
Pic: Thomas Jivanda

UEL Student Union Protesters Pic: Thea Foslie

Police marching alongside protestors Pic: Thea Foslie

Students hold up their banners as police march alongside Pic: Thea Foslie

Protesters with Flags and Bullhorns during the march Pic: Thea Foslie

Protestors and police on the march
Pic: Thomas Jivanda


Video: Thomas Jivanda/ ELL

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