Commuters complain following 4.2% fare hike

Paul Roberts. Pic: Paul Roberts

Boris Johnson announced yesterday that public transport fares across London are to go up by 4.2% in January. A ticket from Shoreditch High Street in zone 1 to West Croydon in zone 5 will now cost £4.60. Eastlondonlines asked people around New Cross for their views.

[success]Paul Roberts, 33, is a PhD student. He commutes to London by coach because the trains are too expensive.[/success]

Heidi. Pic: Toby Youell

“It’s a pain for me. In terms of general services, it’s quite expensive already. But, then again, the tube seems quite reliable.”

[notice]Heidi, 29, is a student. She thinks the price increase is unfair but does not think it has anything to do with the quality of the services.[/notice]

“Conflating services and prices is unfair because it is pinpointing the people on the front lines as the people who are the problem with the relationship between what we pay and what we receive as ‘services’.

Shivam. Pic: Toby Youell

“I do use my bike more and more now as I cannot afford to use the public transport. Most other cities have bus transfer tickets.”

[info]Shivam, 17, is a musician from West London. He does not approve of the price hike.[/info]

“It is mad expensive anyway. As a musician you have to travel and it can cost you six pounds a day. If it is going up by more, it’s mad. Who do I complain to?”

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