Memory of street dancer lives on in Youtube videos

Sofolkis. Pic:

Friends of a dancer who died after colliding with a lorry in Bethnal Green posted a final  goodbye on their blog today.

Sofoklis Kostoulas – who has been identified simply as ‘Sofoklis’ – was travelling to work on the morning of October 29 when he was hit by a lorry on Bethnal Green Road. He died of his injuries last night in the Royal London Whitechapel hospital.

According to the For Sofoklis blog: “After a week of many long surgeries and fighting for his life, Sofoklis left us yesterday evening…we still can’t believe what happened”.

Sofoklis moved to London from Greece a year ago to pursue a dance career and has produced a series of Youtube videos which showcase his routines.

Before he died, friends of the performer blogged the last video he posted before the accident and said: “We know that this is where he wants to come back to.”

Police said the lorry driver has been released on bail after being arrested on suspicion of reckless driving.

The report does not identify Sofoklis by name but states that he was taken to hospital with “life-threatening injuries”.

Police are asking anyone who witnessed the collision to contact the Road Death Investigation Unit on 0208 597 4874.

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