Poor police presence to blame for antisocial behavior

The panel. Pic: Laura Liszewski

Tower Hamlets residents last night raised their concerns to police about drinking-related antisocial behavior at a public Q&A session.

Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer was among those fielding questions at George Green School, Isle of Dogs.

Brick Lane resident Mark Lancaster described an unsanitary environment: “There is urination, defecation and vomiting in people’s doorways and on their doorsteps – sometimes even as they are leaving to go to work”.

Local businesses offering free drinks to attract “already drunk” customers were partly to blame, he said.

John Shapiro, Deputy Chair of Spitalfields Community Group, said the police presence in Brick Lane did not reflect crime levels in the area.

Stringer responded by saying that not enough resources had been available as a result of the Olympics.

“It is something we are actively working on. It is the top hotspot of alcohol-related crime in the borough by a mile. It is our number one priority.”

He stressed the need for the police and council to work together with residents and businesses in order to combat crime in Brick Lane and throughout the borough.

“It is a beautiful and very historic residential area. It will take governance by the community and we need to think: ‘What do we want Brick Lane to look like?’”

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