Residents unaware of possible drastic cuts, research shows


Residents in Tower Hamlets need to plan for the 2013 cuts, according to the council.

Research by Tower Hamlets council, suggests that tenants are not aware of how drastically benefits may be cut.

Many families in the borough are set to lose up to £103 a week as of April 2013, meaning that they may have to move to cheaper rented accommodation.

The council are now so concerned about the effects of the impending reductions, that they have set up a series of monthly events to educate tenants called Money Matters Month.

Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman said that families needed to be made aware of how the cuts would affect them.

“I would strongly urge residents who are currently receiving housing benefit to consider coming along to one of the events during Money Matters Month.

“It is important to know what options are available to minimise the impact to families.”

A spokesperson for the council said: “We want to encourage residents to talk to us so that we can help them put together a plan and prepare for next April.

“We want to help people be proactive.”

Special advice sessions are being organised every Saturday for the whole of November to alert people to what lies ahead.

Tower Hamlets council said: “Access will be to essential housing, employment and financial advice.”

Money Matters Month will continue on Saturday, at the Idea Store Bow on Gladstone Place from 11am and will continue on every Saturday during November. There will advisors on hand to help tenants find employment and understand how their finances will be affected by benefits cuts.

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