New Cross tattoo parlour and art gallery an instant hit

Skin & Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio. Pic: Thea Foslie

A new tattoo and piercing studio, which doubles as a gallery for local artists, has opened on New Cross Road, proving to be an immediate hit.

“We have been rammed with people,” said Odge, tattooist and co-owner of Skin & Ink.

Together with business partners Alex and Mr. Hyde, he runs the two-floor studio, which is situated a short walk from New Cross Gate Station. The three, who go by their artist names, have almost 50 years’ experience combined. “In this job you never stop learning,” said Odge, “and that’s why I like it.”

The studio’s walls are covered with paintings, decorations and sculptures. “Most of the stuff around the shop is by local artists,” said Mr. Hyde, who specialised in body piercing. “They can show their work and we sell it. We want to give an opportunity to artists and student to get exhibited.”

Tattoos are getting increasingly popular in the UK; it is estimated that over 35 per cent of people aged 30-39 have at least one.

Odge’s particular interests are portraits and Japanese designs. He told Eastlondonlines that he has long been intrigued by the craft.

“I have always been a drawer,” he explained, “ever since I was little. I got fascinated with tattoos because of my uncle; he had a lot of tattoos. I used to trace them when I was small.”

Examples of tattoo work produced at Skin & Ink are available on their homepage.

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