Cakes are coming to Croydon in borough’s first Bake Off

Bake Off Judges: Sean Coughlan and Tim Fisher, Pic: Christopher Matthews

Do you fancy yourself South Norwood’s answer to Nigella Lawson, or are you the Lorraine Pascale of Purley? If so, you could soon be competing with fellow foodies in The Great Croydon Bake Off.

The contest, inspired by the popular BBC Two programme The Great British Bake Off, will feature 16 amateur bakers who will compete in various competitions throughout the year.

The competition will be comprised of four events at Matthews Yard, beginning on February 16 2013.

Each event will have an Adult Bake Off and Junior Bake Off and winners of each category will be crowned at the finale on October 19.

Organiser Chris Matthews said that his ambition was: “To inject the emerging, bustling foodie culture in Croydon with creativity and to provide a chance for Croydon bakers to show off their skills.

“This is another opportunity for Croydon to show how much it cares about its community.”

Restaurateurs and food lovers, including bakery shop owner Sean Coughlan and pastry chef Tim Fisher, will judge the Bake Off, hosted by television presenter Rebecca Perfect.

Applications are still being accepted. Visit the Great Croydon Bake Off website for more information.

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