Goldsmiths increase security following student mugging

pic: RupertGanzer\flickr

Goldsmiths, University of London, has announced an increase in security around campus and hall premises due to a mugging that took place last week. A student was assaulted next to Ewen Henderson Court, a university hall situated on Goodwood Road next to New Cross Gate Station.

In a letter to the hall residents, Goldsmiths said: “The College is committed to ensuring the safety of its students both on and off campus. We are actively looking at increasing the patrols of our security staff and ensuring that they are more visible. Our existing night staff will be increasing their number of visits between Loring Hall and Batavia Mews.”

Students are concerned about the street lighting and security around the halls and claim that they have not seen any changes in security since Goldsmiths sent the e-mail to residents.

The victim of the mugging, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “Before the incident I used to feel very safe. I feel safe inside the buildings but not around New Cross. I believe the university or UNITE should hire more security guards and put them on the streets or even talk to the city council to put more light and cameras around. I didn’t see any changes since Goldsmith’s e-mail”.

Residents of Goldsmiths halls told ELL that they have not noticed an increase in security since the announcement was made.

Haya, 22, said: “I won’t say I’m threatened but I don’t feel safe. It would be better if the security guards could patrol around the halls.”

Joanne, 28, added: “I’ve never seen security on Goodwood Road ever, and two sets of halls are there.”

Diego, 25, said: “Since Goldsmiths announced they were looking into the matter I personally haven’t seen any extra security or security guards on the road which makes me think twice about how serious they’re taking our security off campus.”

Goldsmiths have reassured students that they are committed to guarantee student’s safety: “We are liaising closely with the company that manages Ewen Henderson Court, UNITE, who are contacting the council concerning the level of street lighting on Goodwood Road and the Police concerning the number of patrols in the area.”


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