Parents and children want to keep their Lollipop ladies

Pic: John Hartnup

Croydon Council plans to decrease the presence of School Crossing Patrols (SCPs) near two primary schools in Croydon.

Belleville Primary School and Crescent Primary Schools could lose two nearby patrols on Northcote and Sydenham Road.

Northcote is a busy road, with several bus routes.

Joshua, 8, a pupil of Belleville primary school, said: “ I feel unsafe without the lollipop ladies.”

Natalie, a parent from Bellville school, said: “ It is quite dangerous for children to cross certain roads even with their parents.”

According to Croydon Council, ‘lollipop’ men and women will no longer service streets where zebra crossings are in place.

A Council spokesman said: “ Croydon has over 100 schools and at present only 22 of them have a crossing patrol service. This number has gradually been reduced since the function was passed to the Council from the Metropolitan Police some years ago.”

He added: “Ten of the remaining patrolled sites now have automated or zebra crossings, and it is these where we are considering their future.”

But parents are concerned.

Natalie also said: “ I’ve never heard anything about this decision but, since ‘lollipop ladies’ have gone, I haven’t seen any zebra crossing being painted.”

The Council added: “The number of staff who may be affected by this proposal has yet to be fully assessed and we are at a very early stage of a consultation process through which we are genuinely committed to listening to any alternatives that might be put forward.”

Anastasia, another parent, said: “ I really hope they will come back. ”

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