Rediscovering Los Angeles at Hackney film screening

Pic: Sheffield Fringe

Six rediscovered short films on the people and places of Los Angeles can be seen in Hackney tomorrow night (January 11) in a one-off screening.

The showing at the Angus-Hughes gallery is part of the Sheffield Fringe Festival, a free and nomadic annual event that aims to unite art and documentary practice. It is linked to the Sheffield Doc/Fest, one the country’s biggest documentary film events.

This year’s festival focuses on rediscovered films and explores the phantasmagoric expanses of Los Angeles’ geography and alternate visions of multiple generations of filmmakers.

Dating from the early 60s up until 2011, Adam Hyman, a documentary filmmaker and executive Director for Los Angeles Filmforum, has selected the six films.

The films can be seen at the Angus-Hughes Gallery, 26 Lower Clapton Rd, this Friday at 7pm.


Grand Central Market by William Hale | USA 1963 | 10’: This film portrays the mingling of races in a downtown market in Los Angeles.

Shoppers Market by John Vicario | USA 1963 | 22‘| UK Premiere: Customer conversation merged to Santa Monica store’s ambience. This film cuts a captivating embroidery of observational footage.

Vineland by Laura Kraning | USA 2009 | 10′: This show conveys islocated Hollywood images filled with apocalyptic angst within the desolate nocturnal landscape of the City.

Piensa En Mi by Alexandra Cuesta | USA 2009 | 15’ UK Premiere: Isolation, routine and everyday splendor, create the backdrop of this journey, while the intermittent sounds of cars construct the soundscape.

Devil’s Gate by Laura Kraning | USA 2011 | 20’UK |Premiere: The film merges an observational portrait of a landscape transformed by fire, ash and water with a fragmentary textual narrative, providing a view into man’s obsession with controlling and transcending the forces of nature and spirit.

Venice Pier by Gary Beydler | USA 1976: Venice Piers investigates the way a single film stock responds so diversely to different seasons, light, weather, time of day. He also beautifully exploits the power of editing to compose or recompose events.

(This program is supported by Los Angeles Filmforum, Canyon Cinema and Goldsmiths, University of London.)



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