Campaign underway to prevent takeover of school



The Harris Federation began consultations with parents on Friday (February 15th) about their  proposed takeover of  Roke Primary School.

Parents who oppose the takeover are stress that the consultations are “one-sided” and feel this decision is being forced upon them. They are also  campaigning with the Board of Governors for Riddlesdown Collegiate to take over as the sponsor.

Becky Carrier, a parent who started the Save Roke campaign said: “Harris Federation has tried to promote themselves, organizing a trip for parents to have a look at one of their schools but we do not know what school it is, and we certainly would prefer to visit unplanned to see how it is instead of just attending a Harris Show.

“They did say that they want to build upon the positives of Roke Primary School, but then again they would probably be changing the uniform and I guess even the name of the school,” she said.

Engineers from the Harris Federation have been sent to survey the school’s infrastructure and it is understood that budgeting for the running of the school would be released in the next two months.

Joanna Atkinson-Hearn, a parent involved in the Save Roke campaign said: “This is further evidence that both Harris and the government perceive the take over as a done deal, despite openly saying in the press that it is

There has so far been no clarification regarding the matter from the Department of Education, according to the Save Roke campaign.

Richard Ottaway, Conservative MP from Croydon South, said: “From my perspective, it makes good logical sense that an excellent local school like Riddlesdown Collegiate, which has built up a strong improvement relationship with Roke, that takes in the majority of Roke-leavers and serves the same community as Roke, should be able to sponsor Roke. It is also what the staff, the parents and governors at the primary school want.”

A spokesperson from the Harris Federation said that no decisions have been confirmed. Letters have been sent out to parents informing them that they are able to arrange trips to visit other Harris Academies.

The consultation process will continue until March 28 and consultation meetings will be held on March 6 and 7.

The Department of Education did not respond for comment.


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