Doctors and councillors create a local NHS Pledge

Pic: Stockxchng

Pic: Stockxchng

Tower Hamlets councillors and doctors have pledged to “retain the founding values” of the NHS in response to health service reforms from central government.

The Tower Hamlets pledge follows the national NHS pledge; a campaign by the shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham against the Health and Social Care Bill 2012. The bill aimed to streamline the NHS but was criticised by some health professionals.

At an event held on January 13 in Stepney, Cllr Rachel Saunders and Sam Everington, a GP and chair of the Tower Hamlets clinical commissioning group, spoke about their commitment to health services in Tower Hamlets. The event was organised so that local people could share their opinions on what aspects of the NHS they want to see the most protected.

Saunders said after the event: “Sam Everington is in charge of the Tower Hamlet’s NHS budget from April, so this was a good opportunity for people to discuss NHS priorities.

“We are standing together to protect the NHS health services and to improve the physical, social and mental health of the people of Tower Hamlets.

“We want to retain the founding values of the NHS, free at the point of need and accessible to everyone. From now on we also want to make mental health a priority and these services been seen as equal to services for physical health.”



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