Millwall fan banned from ‘the Den’ for life and slapped with £500 fine after pleading guilty to racist abuse

Pic: Sophie Robinson-Tillett

Pic: Sophie Robinson-Tillett

A Millwall fan has today been banned by the club for life and ordered to pay more than £500 in fines for racially abusing a Leeds player last year.

Gerrard Scanlon, 53, a delivery driver from Enfield, pleaded guilty at Bromley Magistrates Court today to shouting “racially aggravated” words at El-Hadji Diouf, Sengalese striker for Leeds.

Scanlon was identified from Sky Sports footage of the November 18 match at Millwall Stadium, which fans know as ‘the Den’ and arrested in February.

Millwall Football Club said:”We are pleased that the behaviour of this individual came to notice, and that the police and the courts have now taken action against him.

“Millwall Football Club will continue to operate a zero tolerance policy to target and ban any fan guilty of displaying racist behaviour, and we look forward to developing even closer links with other agencies, including those in the media who share our determination to eradicate racism from our game.”

In addition to receiving a five year football banning order and a lifetime ban from the Den, Scanlon must pay a fine of £425, a victim surcharge of £15 and costs of £85.

Mark Ireland, police sergeant for Lewisham football and events, said the majority of fans are law-abiding people, but a small minority seem determined to cause trouble.

He said: “We will always work hard to bring to justice anyone found to be engaged in racism or violence at football matches. Equally we continue to work alongside Millwall FC and other partners to stamp out this behaviour and ensure football matches are safe and trouble-free for supporters and the wider public.”

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