Children and professionals perform opera at Goldsmiths

L’Orfeo Favola in Musica

L’Orfeo Favola in Musica. Pic: Dea Cisar

A mixed group of students, professional musicians and children as young as five years old performed Claudio Monteverdi’s opera,  L’Orfeo Favola in Musica at Goldsmiths last month, which you can now listen to here.

The Amadé Players and The Outreach Team at Goldsmiths collaborated with London schools and volunteers to produce the new performance.

It was performed on February 22 as the culmination of a two week long educational project designed to involve children and young people from all over London in a significant cultural event.

The project allowed the performers to relive cultural history by participating in a complex musical work with original instrumentation and multiple performance styles.

By Dea Cisar.

Listen to the event here.

Opera set. Pic: Dea Cisar

Opera set. Pic: Dea Cisar

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