‘Dad of the Year’ faces jail for assault on his wife

Keith Preddie

Keith Preddie

A Michael Jackson impersonator, Keith Preddie, is facing jail after admitting to assaulting his wife at Christmas following a row over a present.

Keith Preddie, dubbed ‘’Dad of the Year’’ by GMTV in 2010, threw a washing frame and a plastic step at his wife Emma Preddie, and then pinned her to the floor at their Croydon home last December.

Preddie, 44, from South Norwood, admitted to attacking his spouse on December 19 after CCTV footage was recovered and was admitted as evidence to Croydon Magistrates’ Court.

Describing the events of December 19, prosecutor Louise Thomas said: “He (Preddie) then went into the room and asked if she had anything left that he could give to his mother. She said she had already given his mother a present. He then got angry and said he had been shopping all day looking for a present for his mother.

“When she saw how angry he had become she said she wouldn’t talk to him until he calmed down. Suddenly he grabbed a washing frame with clothes on and threw it at her.

“It landed a foot away from her. At that point she told him he ‘better calm down or grow up’ so he left the room.”

Thomas said: “After a while he returned and started shouting again. He then threw a plastic step at Mrs Preddie hitting her on the left arm.

“At that point she stood up and told him to get out. He replied ‘You get out!’

“At this point she walked up to him and he pinned her down by both arms. Holding each arm, she was pinned down against the sofa.

“She shouted: ‘Get off me! Leave me alone!’ He then let her go and she left the room. The argument caused so much commotion that it woke up their 12-year-old daughter.”

His wife told the court that she called the police the day after the assault, after taking advice from a domestic violence helpline.

Preddie was arrested the day after the assault, but was released on bail.

Chair of the bench Jackie Hamblin said: “We note that this offence was committed in a domestic setting and had an effect on your daughter who was in the house. We found greater harm because of the sustained nature of the attack. We will request an all options report that could include custody.

Preddie will be sentenced on April 10.

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