Taking you on a tour of Hackney’s best street art

Follow our route to discover Hackney’s greatest street art. Find your way to Shoreditch High Street station and begin this journey.

St8ment on Redchurch Street

St8ment on Redchurch Street

Along this tour you’ll pass by countless restaurants, bars, cafés and pubs. So why not – as we did – grab a coffee on the way from Allpress Espresso Roastery on Redchurch Street? Sip it down while you’re hunting hidden art treasures.

If you get hungry, check out Eat Me Up on the corner of Old Street and Rivington Street, where you’ll find a variety of dishes at the local food market every Wednesday to Friday from 11 am to 5 pm. Munch down savoury ‘Burger Bears’ and crispy doughnuts, and let the guys at the food stalls tell you all about the street art in the lot.

Take the afternoon, explore Hackney’s streets, and wrap up the day with a tea or coffee at The Bridge on Kingsland Road. If you feel inclined to imbibe, trot over to Hoxton Square’s Happiness Forgets. The short but sweet cocktail menu will appease anyone’s taste buds – but we particularly recommend ‘The Journalist’: a gin-based concoction served up in a chilled coupette.

For more images from the tour, check out our Flickr account.


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Corrections: Piece by ‘Snoe’ on Chance Street (in slideshow) is actually by ARTiSTA.

By Thea Foslie, Tooba Masood and Sasha Filimonov

Music by Frank McGivern

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