Six women shortlisted to succeed Joan Ruddock

Paula Hirst

Paula Hirst is one of six women shortlisted to be the Labour party’s candidate for Lewisham Deptford Pic: Paula Hirst Campaign

Six women comprise the shortlist to be Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Lewisham Deptford.

The list includes two current Lewisham councillors Vicky Foxcroft (Brockley) and Janet Daby (Whitefoot).

The list also includes Florence Nosegbe, Catherine McDonald, Paula Hirst, and Mendora Ogbogto.

Nosegbe is currently a councillor for Brixton Hill in Lambeth who was previously beaten to be Labour candidate for Lewisham East, while McDonald is serving as the councillor for Livesey, Southwark .

The eventual nominee will be running for the seat being vacated by long-term MP, Joan Ruddock, who has held the seat since 1987.

Labour candidate Paula Hirst said Ruddock would have a formidable legacy for any MP to follow.

“[Ruddock’s] record on the environment and equalities in particular is one in which Lewisham and the Labour party should be proud of,” Hirst said. “Certainly any candidate and the future MP for Lewisham… should seek to continue that work.”

The final Labour candidate will be chosen on the 18th May.


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