New drop-in sessions to aid budding musicians

Leanne Page

Leanne Page

A new drop-in workshop, where budding musicians and producers can get critical feedback and practical advice on how to launch a career from industry giants, will start in Shoreditch this week.

The Starling Sessions, starting Tuesday, are the brainchild of Leanne Page, a professional singer and a lecturer in Events Management at King’s College London. They are designed to help artists who are in the process of launching their careers to deal with legal aspects of the business, branding and funding. The classes will also include live sessions where mentors will critique the artists on-stage performances.

“In the last seven years, the music industry has changed dramatically,” says Page.. “We wanted a platform where people from the music industry – stars and business professionals ­­– would come together. We are on the drive to bring people together.”

Their current goal is to ensure that 5% of the signed artists make it to the top of the charts by 2015. Talking to ELL about expanding the project Page said: “Right now we are based in London but we are working in partnership with a company and will spread to Oxford and then Manchester.

“The response in London was fantastic. People have been looking for something like this in the industry. There was a want for this.”

The mentors, including life coach Daniel Whittaker and singer Mike King, who make up the core team are not only currently working within the industry but have a track record of  working with some of the biggest names in the music industry such as EMI, Warner Bros, Sony and MN2S.

All sessions are three hours of training taken as a single or series over nine weeks. The digital sessions are day classes and are held on weekends. Initial membership is free, and includes the monthly hotspot and live sessions. For £25 or £55 a month, members will get discounts and added extras such as video documentation.

The sessions are set to begin on Tuesday, April 2, at Port-of-Entry on Old Street.

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