Raising safety awareness in the community

Pic: Laurie Martin

Pic: Laurie Martin

Several community organisations gathered in front of Lewisham Shopping Centre on Friday May 24 to help raise security awareness.

Around 30 people came to the meeting held by Lewisham Council, Victim Support and the Metropolitan Police.

Kennedy Obazee, a Community Safety Officer, explained that this was part of an ongoing initiative from the council to promote public safety that started in April 2011.

He said: “We try to invite the organisations which seem most relevant to the people’s concerns and bring them all together in one place.”

“We are here to raise public awareness about how people can keep themselves and their properties safe, inside and outside,” said Obazee.

Delroy Downer, another Community Safety Officer, added that they were also addressing problems of anti-social behaviour.

Siva Kang, 61, said: “I noticed the stall set up by the Council and thought I might find some useful information.”

A secure room was also available to any attendee who wanted to obtain confidential advice.

“Several visitors were interested in having their possessions such as bikes and mobile phones registered with us to help in their retrieval in case of a theft,” said Downer.

Alice Chong, a mother of two, living in central Lewisham said she was interested in understanding how to secure her phone after having lost one recently.

This community safety awareness program takes place every month outside Lewisham shopping centre during the summer.

Similar events are  organised elsewhere in the Borough and more details can be found here.

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