Riots inspire brewery start-up in New Addington

Cronx Brewery Beer Pic: Dea Cisar

Cronx Brewery Beer Pic: Dea Cisar

The idea for the first Croydon based brewery in more than 50 years came to Mark Russell, 30, and Simon Dale, 31, right after the 2011 riots, and now they have launched the Cronx brewery in New Addington.

After the riots, the aspiring brewers felt they needed to start a business that would reflect their support for their borough.

Simon Dale explained: “The riots kind of spurred us on … we went … let’s just do something for Croydon to be proud of.”

Crox beer label Pic: Dea Cisar

Cronx beer label Pic: Dea Cisar

These citizens of Croydon are also supporters of Crystal Palace Football Club, and the first steps towards the Cronx brewery were taken on the CPFC fan club’s online message board.

Mark Russell recalled: “It transpired that we both had the same idea at the same time, and that’s how it grew.”

New businesses in Croydon are greatly encouraged by local businesses and politicians, but Simon Dale and Mark Russell said their strongest support comes from the community and local pubs.

Despite sleepless nights, both brewers are encouraged with every new beer-launch. “Ordering your own beer at the bar is such a weird sensation” they said.

The Brewery’s first year has brought locally brewed standard ales as well as limited editions brewed from hops from abroad.

It has also seen the duo supplying several pubs around the borough and across London. 


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