Cannabis farm circulates around Tower Hamlets

"Cannabis farm" police vehicle. Pic: Kate Southern

“Cannabis farm” police vehicle. Pic: Kate Southern

A police vehicle equipped with a mock “cannabis farm” has been circulating the Langdon Park area in Poplar, Tower Hamlets, last week. The mobile cannabis factory presented various tools for growing marijuana such as lamps, fans and cables, all of which were seized during previous drug raids.

Although no actual plants were physically present in the car, the police compensated with wallpaper imagery of the plants. Passersby were invited for a tour inside the “farm”, where details of cannabis production were given alongside advice on how to report drug suspects to the police.

Poplar HARCA Housing, a registered social landlord which owns and manages around 9,000 homes in Poplar, joined forced with the police to tackle drug-dealing. The tour was arranged for the company’s 50 employees from the ABS (Anti Social Behaviour) team.

Jamie Lock, Head of ASB, said: “We know that cannabis use and cultivation is a big concern for our residents. This was a great opportunity for our staff and residents to find out more about what to look out for, and who to talk to.”

Jamie Lock with a police officer. Pic: Poplar Harca

Jamie Lock with a police officer. Pic: Poplar Harca

“We’re very grateful to the Met for supporting us with this,” Lock added. “Everyone came away having learned something new – including me.”

The mock cannabis farm is part of Operation Hawk, a London-wide initiative to tackle drugs. The ‘weed factory’ vehicle, will also travel around other parts of Tower Hamlets.



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