East Croydon station to undergo major developments


East Croydon Station Pic : Philip Talmage

East Croydon Station

East Croydon station has been scheduled for modifications this summer, as part of the Council’s master plan.

The plan is part of a £20 million development project initiated in 2010 by Southern Rail and Network Rail for one of the busiest stations in London.

The project funded by Network Rail and the Croydon Council, includes modifications such as the opening of lifts on the new footbridge, going to each platform and replacing the current stepped access.

‘‘An additional entrance on the west side of the station concourse will also be opened to make it easier for people to circulate, especially during rush hours’’, explained Jane Cobb, Thames link Communications Liaison Manager, Southern Railway.

The station records around 27 million passengers passing through each year and has direct connections to Gatwick airport, London Bridge and London Victoria.

Stephen Martin, project manager, Southern Railway, said: ‘‘By late summer, we will also start renovation work on the platforms, improve the waiting areas and the information available on them’’. ‘‘New shelters will be installed refurbished waiting rooms and remodeled toilets will be opened on all platforms’’, he added.

Stephen Norris, station manager, explained: ‘‘We want to provide better information and environment for the visitors. The main departure board in the concourse will be relocated above the ticket office and new screens will be installed on each platform’’. A major change made as part of the project so far has been the construction of a 105 meter-long footbridge which now connects the three platforms and replaces the former underground walkways.

The redevelopment of the station goes hand in hand with the Croydon Council’s master-plan which brings together new developments in the area with an enhanced public space. The transformations will start towards the end of 2013, as soon as all the work within the station is completed.

Jason White, project manager from the Croydon Council, said: ‘‘The main idea is to open up the space in front and on both sides of the station concourse to facilitate people’s access’’.

‘‘We’re planning to create a pedestrian way from the concourse to the new footbridge and to expand the current pedestrian way starting in front of the station concourse until the main Wellesley Road Junction’’, he added.

Additional cycle and car parks around the station are also part of the plan. The Council is currently working on the early design of this master-plan and will hold a public consultation later this summer.


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