Four arrested in gang activity crackdown operation

Man taken into custody for gang related activity Pic: Met Police

A man taken into custody for gang related activity Pic: Met Police

Four alleged Lewisham gang members were detained during raids on  May 30 by the Trident Central and Lewisham gang units of the Metropolitan Police.

The four men aged between 16-25 years have been charged with gang related crimes that include intent to supply the Class A drug, crack cocaine.

A total of 11 warrants were issued by the Metropolitan Police. Those targeted are considered ‘harmful individuals’ being described as ‘negative role models in the community.’

Detective Chief Inspector Tim Champion, Trident Central Gangs Unit, said: “The raids today send a clear message that unless gang members accept the support offered to leave behind their gang-related lifestyle for good, we will continue to pursue them and place them before the courts.”

Trident Central Gang Unit set up in February 2012 focuses on tackling wider gang crime. The unit works in partnership with the local community to prevent gang related crimes such as homicide, possession of fire arms and youth violence.

So far this year the unit has made 92 arrests, and identified 32 known gang members.

The Metropolitan Police offer additional services to those gang members who want to turn their back on gang culture. For more information, click here.

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