‘Glass Mill’ replaces Ladywell leisure centre.

Glass Mill,Lewisham

Glass Mill leisure Centre, Lewisham.

Lewisham residents are satisfied with the newly built Glass Mill leisure centre that opened last week.


A Lewisham resident, Gail Mitchell, 47, said: “I just had an aqua class it was fun, the pool was so nice, in fact it was a lot better than the old Ladywell facility.”


Fiona Morrison, 50, from Lewisham said: “The architecture looks great, it is really nice and airy.”


Another Lewisham resident , Jahz Palmer, 21, described Ladywell swimming pool as “disgusting,” in her opinion, the facilities at Glass Mill was an improvement.


“The area needed something like this,” said Huseyin Mehmet, 34, from Lewisham. He added: “It would be good if they could incorporate more combat classes like Boxercise.”


The £20 million Glass Mill  leisure facility replaced Ladywell leisure centre, closed recently by Lewisham Council.


Managed by Fushion lifestyle, Glass Mill leisure centre has state of the art facilities – a health spa, 100 station fitness suits, a climbing wall, a crèche, a 25 meter competition pool and a 20 meter exercise pool.

The building designed by LA architecture in collaboration with Phil Coy have incorporated 1,800 coloured tiles across the centres exterior which offer a rainbow of light through the centre.

The centre has two studios that offer a range of indoor exercise classes – cycling, step aerobics, total body circuits, yoga, pilates or ‘legs, bums and tums.’


Previously Lewisham residents had to travel 5 miles to Wave Length leisure centre, or to the outdated Ladywell centre to use swimming facilities. Glass Mill swimming pool offers discounted rates to Lewisham swimmers.


Saxon Crown swimming club will now practice in the Glass Mill competition pool, the facility has enough space to seat 340 spectators.

More information on Glass Mill Leisure Centre is on: http://www.fusion

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