High-tech media at the Guardian’s own coffee spot

#guardiancoffee at Boxpark. Pic: ELL

#guardiancoffee at Boxpark. Pic: ELL

A new pop-up coffee shop has been opened by the Guardian newspaper  in Shoreditch which aims to “bring open journalism to East London life.”

#guardiancoffee is located in the Boxpark shopping area and sets itself out as a high-tech hangout in the creative technology centre of London,

Each table at the café is equipped with an iPad locked to the digital edition of the Guardian.

Even the cashier system is operated from an iPad, in place of the regular tills.

Another unique feature of the coffee shop lies opposite the counter, where a large screen shows the details of all drinks sold on that particular day in a neatly presented infographic.

Nude Espresso, an independent café chain, provides #guardiancoffee with a range of food and drinks.

A local designer Georgia Lewis, who was visiting #guardiancoffee, said: “We need more good coffee places around here.”

Lewis said that the spacious layout of the rooms made the place feel very comfortable and relaxing, but modern at the same time.

One of the employees working at #guardiancoffee said that it was fun to play with the gadgets at the café.

The Guardian said: “#guardiancoffee is open to all, providing both a front of house for the Guardian’s technology editorial team and a space where readers can explore our latest coverage, share ideas and opinions – or simply enjoy a great cup of coffee.”

This new location is only on a six month lease and is not planned  as a permanent fixture.



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