New ELL magazine launches – ELL Street Art is now available for free on your tablet or smartphone

ELL Street Art

Front cover of ELL’s new magazine on east London street art. Click the image to view in Flipboard.

EastLondonLines today launches a new series of regular online magazines for tablets and smartphones.

ELL magazine will showcase some of the best work from our archives or devote issues to special subjects via the Flipboard application for iPad, iPhone and Android.

The first edition, ELL Street Art, will feature our special series of stories published earlier this year on east London’s vibrant street art scene.

How it works

To view ELL magazine, first you need to download the Flipboard app. Search for Flipboard in your phone or tablet, or you can find the link here to download it from the Apple’s iTunes store or Google Play if you are on Android.

Then, just search for “ELL” inside Flipboard on your mobile device.

ELL Street Art includes a mix of recent articles and features by ELL from late March, to older pieces from our archives going back to 2011, never seen before as a digital magazine.

It allows us to publish previous or forthcoming content in a completely new way specially designed to be read like a magazine and optimised by Flipboard for phones and tablets.

Our second Flipboard magazine, ELL People will be available at the same time next Thursday – this time bringing in the best articles and interviews from our “People” section.

What do you think about our new digital magazine? Tweet to us @eastlondonnews or comment on our facebook page. You can now use the hashtags #streetart, #eastlondon on both twitter and facebook to join in the conversation.

Happy reading from all the ELL team!

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