ELL Music released – third edition of new Flipboard digital magazine by East London Lines

Front cover of ELL Music. Click the image to view in Flipboard.

Front cover of ELL Music. Click on the image to view in Flipboard.

This week, East London Lines is proud to announce the launch of its third Flipboard digital magazine – ELL Music.

The front cover for this week features a short article on an event in 2011 where local East London DJs hosted a club night Tahya Masr! dedicated to the Egyptian revolution. Will there be another one after the events in Egypt recently?

Other highlights to look out for include: the recent Goldsmiths NX Records music label launch; folk musician star, John Atterbury interview; a feature by Aaron Lee on vinyl revival; and plenty of music album reviews and songs to listen to.

ELL initiated these nostalgic digital magazines to showcase some of the best work from our archives and to devote issues to special subjects that arise.

The first edition of the magazine covered the intriguing works of street art across East London, and the second edition covered interviews and articles from the people’s section on ELL. Stay tuned for future editions based on different sections of our website and much more!

Again, we are very keen to hear from you and get your reaction to this latest edition from ELL. So tweet us @eastlondonlines or comment on our Facebook page using the hashtags: #ELLMusic and #EastLondon.

How it works

To view ELL magazine, first you need to download the Flipboard app. Search for Flipboard in your phone or tablet, or you can find the link here to download it from the Apple’s iTunes store or Google Play if you are on Android.

Then just search for “ELL” inside Flipboard on your mobile device.

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