TEDxHackney: performers celebrate The Art of Sharing


Poet Inua Ellams at TEDxHackney. Pics: Kemal Jango and Veronique Dupont

Poet Inua Ellams at TEDxHackney. Pics: Kemal Jango and Veronique Dupont

Artists, poets and musicians explored ideas and experiences involved in ‘The Art of Sharing’ at the lasted event staged by TEDxHackney.

The Arcola Theatre in Dalston was sold out for the event on Saturday.

TEDx is a programme created by TED, the not-for-profit organisation devoted to technology, entertainment and design talks, and gives communities, organisations and individuals the opportunity to create TED-like experiences at a local level.

Daniel Vais, the event’s organiser, said: “I started doing it because I watched Ted Talks online and I was very inspired. The talks are very short, no more than 18 minutes, but is very concise information, very intense. Is like a little taste of inspiration and that is why I like it.”

‘The Art of Sharing’ brought together nine cross disciplinary speakers to explore how experience shapes lives, art and healing. Those attending included controversial Taoist healer Dr Stephen Russell and Erika Brodnock, founder of Karisma Kids – a company created to improve the mental well-being of children.

“Hackney is a very diverse Community. We all share a lot of common knowledge and common love. There are people from all around the world here, from different backgrounds, different religions, different sexuality, different height, different shapes. That is why we decided to focus on sharing, because sharing is a way of healing” said Vais.

Some of the audience were moved to tears by McDermott's performance

Some of the audience were moved to tears by McDermott’s performance

Poet and performer Inua Ellams shared his experiences about being the only black person in his school, stating: “Not all those who wander are lost” and caberet musician Jamie MacDermott’s performance brought some of the audience to tears.

The next edition of TEDx Hackney will take place at the end of 2013 and is expected to focus on childrens issues. People can watch the videos and get updated about future events on TEDxHackney’s Facebook page, Twitter account and web page: http://www.ted.com/tedx/events/9095.

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