“Weird and the Wonderful” art at Brockley café

"Untitled Orange" by Meret Probst. Photo: Ana Cristina LoCus

“Untitled Orange” by Meret Probst. Photo: Ana Cristina LoCus.

cueB Gallery is staging a unique exhibition called “Weird and the Wonderful” at its gallery within a Brockley café.

The exhibition in The Brockley Mess café in Lewisham brings together 10 national and international artists whose works show subjects of mystery and imagination. The list includes Italian composer Luca Nasciuti, Taiwanese painter Annie Lin and sculptor Simon Shepherd.

Franco La Russa, the organizer, said the aim of the exhibition was to shock, enlighten and entertain using various mediums such as sound, installation, sculpture, illustration, painting and photography.

“I intend to showcase artists who explore in their practice unique ideas and subjects that our audience may not have come into contact with before. I want to offer them the opportunity to experience something new and unexpected.”

Naomi Bird, 27, a waitress, said: “I think [it] is very weird, but [it] is quite moving in a kind of really dark way”.

Another visitor, Melchi Amyimsah, 23, a communications student,  said he was attracted by the title of the exhibition: “It is quite cool. My favorite is ‘Hannah’, the acrylic schoolgirl painting by Benjamin Phillips”.

Dario Alvarez, 38, said the art works were unusual but inspiring: “I liked Predrag Pajdic photographs, the concept of love at all ages involved is amazing”.

The gallery opened its doors in late 2009 in the café in order to lessen its dependence on sales and allow more curatorial freedom. Since then it has established itself as an innovative exhibition platform and a focus for the arts in south London.

The Weird and Wonderful exhibition continues until July 14. For more information and a list of exhibited artists visit: www.cuebgallery.com.

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