1,000 sunflowers bloom in New Cross this summer

1000 sunflowers for New Cross by Scott Temple

1000 sunflowers for New Cross Photo: Scott Temple

The centre of New Cross has been rejuvinated by the planting of hundreds of sunflowers in the area as part of a local community project, The 1,000 Sunflowers for New Cross Project.

The scheme has been designed to create an environmentally friendly space on New Cross Road, and other nearby urban areas, and has been created with a focus on the importance of bees.  The project is a collaboration between groups Grow Wild, New Cross community group New X -ING, and members of Goldsmiths College, University of London, who all began nurturing the sunflower seedlings at Edmund Waller Primary School back in June.

The sunflowers are expected to bloom in September, but many of the flowers are flourishing already, adding a touch of colour and nature to the streets of New Cross and Deptford.

Keeping the streets smiling, sunflowers are blooming in New Cross. Photo by Scott Temple

Keeping the streets smiling, sunflowers are blooming in New Cross. Photo: Scott Temple

The plantation of these sunflowers has certainly impressed local residents and shop owners.  Clive Williams, owner of New Cross vehicle repair company First Repairs, said: “It’s important to bring naturalness to New Cross, the sunflowers make the area stand out from the norm and add even more of an edge to the area.”

New Cross Convenience store owner Raju Patel also commented on the impact of the sunflowers to the area: “The sunflowers brighten up the area which is nice.

“We need more colour in New Cross.”

The project has enhanced the environmentally friendly nature to the area as sunflowers attract bees which both pollinate our food and help keep parks and gardens thriving.

Watch the video below to see The 1000 Sunflowers Project in action:

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