Croydon’s incinerator plan backed by Mayor’s office


Croydon locals protest the proposals for waste incinerator

Protestors over the proposals for the waste incinerator

Controversial plans to build  a waste incinerator for Croydon and three other south London boroughs have been backed by the office of the Mayor of London.

As Mayor Boris Johnson is currently on leave  the decision was made by the Deputy Mayor for Planning, Sir Edward Lister.

The plan means  Sutton Council has been granted permission for a waste incinerator to be built by the firm Virador.

It will burn non-recyclable waste from Sutton, Croydon, Merton and Kingston to create energy that should be distributed to neighbouring homes in the form of heat and electricity. The plan to build the incinerator at Beddington Lane in Sutton will now go to central Government to be given final clearance.

The incinerator is part of an initiative called the South London Waste Partnership run by four councils, Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton to provide improved waste management services. The incinerator has been opposed by local  environmental campaign groups and Green Party members of the Greater London Assembly.

Campaigners told Eastlondlines earlier this year that they were concerned about air pollution, and the increased number of  heavy vehicles on the road as result of waste transportation.

Sir Edward said in a statement: “The Borough Council and the applicant have taken steps to ensure the scheme meets the requirements of the London Plan; and having carefully considered the merits of this application against every possible concern I have concluded there are no sound reasons for the Mayor to overturn the Borough’s decision.”






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