A job not so well done on Deptford High Street

Pic: Oatsy40 (Flickr)

Pic: Oatsy40 (Flickr)

A classic roadworks cock-up on Deptford High Street.

Who would have thought a simple project of repaving one road would have ended in such an obvious act of idiocy?

The £2 million project began early on October 7, 2013 managed by what one would have assumed to be a well planned and organised group of professionals.

The road was freshly paved after new lighting columns were installed, only to be dug up minutes later when workers realised they’d forgotten one tiny detail… the ducts for the electricity supply.

The lighting columns were being installed by one company while the highway resurfacing was done by another. Each worked to their own schedule and it seems both had some communication issues.

The lighting contractor put the lighting columns in but no ducts. The paving contractor then paved right up to the lighting columns. All the newly laid paving had to then be taken back up and the job done twice.

One can hope that for the next simple task needed in our local area, the right amount of planning and management will be undertaken.

Here’s what a local blogger, The Deptford Dame had to say: http://deptforddame.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/deptford-high-street-in-classic.html

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