Police confirm identity of De Beauvoir car crash victim

Pic: Ray Forster (Flickr)

Pic: Ray Forster (Flickr)

The young man found dead in De Beauvoir Road, Hackney last Sunday, has been formally identified as 28 year old Anthony Clark, police have confirmed. Clark  sustained multiple injuries which caused his death.

Police have revealed that Clark was involved in the ‘mysterious incident’ involving a collision with several parked cars on the De Beauvoir estate.

They believe he was the driver or a passenger of the blue BMW that caused the damage to the other cars.

As previously reported, police began following a blue BMW late Sunday evening during a routine patrol check of the area.

They lost sight of the car and later discovered it abandoned. Clark was found nearby at 12pm with fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene minutes later.

Police are unsure if anyone else was in the car, further investigations are being carried out.

Anyone with further information or witnesses to the event that occurred on Sunday October 13 are encouraged to call 020 8345 4955 or the police non-emergency line on 101.

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