Exclusive interview with Lewisham’s ‘Truckers’ stars

Dasharn & Kiano play Thomas and Matthew in Truckers-cred JDF Management

Dasharn and Kiano play Thomas and Matthew in Truckers. Pic: JDF Management.

Two young Lewisham boys make their television debut Thursday night.

Dasharn Anderson, 13, and Kiano Samuels,10, both from Lewisham, are set to appear in BBC drama Truckers tomorrow night. They play the part of brothers Thomas and Matthew, onscreen sons of Top Boy star Ashley Walters.

The boys auditioned for the show back in May and were two of many who went for the parts from in and around London.

“I haven’t been acting for very long, this is my second acting job,” Kiano said. “I only had an evening and the morning of the audition to learn my lines. My granddad took me up to central London for the casting. I was really nervous about forgetting my lines.”

This was the first of two auditions. Dasharn told ELL: “For the second interview I had to go all the way up to Nottingham on a three-hour train ride. Sitting there in the waiting room was a nerve-racking moment but once I got into it, I started to relax more!”

JDF star with Ashley Walters - cred JDF Management

Star Ashley Walters with Dasharn. Pic: JDF Management.

The boys got to share the screen with many stars, including their on-screen father,  Ashley Walters, seen in Inside Men and Top Boy.

“When I first met Ashley, the first thing I did was ask for his autograph,” Kiano said. “Then next thing you know, we just clicked. He is a really cool and a funny guy.

“I enjoyed working with Ashley because he looked after me. He was like a role model to me and gave me advice and helped me practise my lines.”

Dasharn added: “Ashley is a cheeky man, always telling jokes. He is a genuine guy and I definitely didn’t feel uncomfortable around him.”

Both said their families were really proud and supportive. “Some of my friends keep asking for my autograph,” Kiano told ELL.

They are both hoping to do more acting if the opportunity comes up in the future, although Dasharn confessed that: “At the moment, I would not class myself as an actor; not just yet.”

The show follows a group of truck drivers working for a haulage yard in Nottingham, telling the story of ordinary people pushed to extremes.

Dasharn and Kiano are with talent agency JDF Management. Watch them on Trucker  Thursday October 24 on BBC One at 9pm.

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