Lewisham Scouting welcomes new atheist scout promise


Pic: Lewisham Scouts

Pic: Lewisham Scouts

Lewisham Scouting has welcomed the alternative scout promise for atheists, recently announced by the UK Scout Association.

The new promise will be available from January 2013, allowing Lewisham Scouting to move forward with its all-inclusive approach.

Tom Nixon, District Commissioner for Lewisham Scouts said: “We’re already diverse, with 41% of members from BME backgrounds and 30% female members but it’s like the final barrier to full inclusivity has been removed.”

For almost 50 years the Scouts have offered alternatives to the original promise for various religions and also for non-UK citizens.

In diverse Lewisham, where Scouting has grown by 21.5% over the last two years, they have been working with Muslim, Hindu and Sikh communities, amongst many others, and engaging with hard-to-reach groups.

Nixon said: “We’ve set up a Beaver colony on the Pepys Estate in Deptford. 100% of members are from BME backgrounds and volunteers have been recruited from the local community. We’ve also just opened a group at the Lewisham Islamic Centre, involving the mosque.

“Lewisham Scouts are already at the forefront of changing perceptions towards Scouting. This announcement means we can welcome even more young people and adults into the organisation and we look forward to doing so.”

Now that Scouting is available to all, Lewisham’s young adventurers can look forward to building positive relationships with an even wider range of people.

To join Scouting in Lewisham, please visit lewishamscouts.org.uk or contact the Development Officer Garry Leach at lewishamldo@live.co.uk.

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