Lost cat found 450 miles from home after year-long absence


A silver-tabby cat, the same breed as Pablo. Pic: Candyy00123 (Flickr)

A Lewisham cat is set to be reunited with its owner a year after his mystery disappearance.

Nine-year-old silver tabby cat Pablo went missing from his Londn home, Brockley, last October, only to be discovered a year later in a Scottish bank 450 miles away.

Last week it appears the cat strolled into a branch of TSB bank in Rosyth, Fife, after having activated the automatic door.

Shocked staff discovered Pablo settling down for an afternoon nap in an armchair.

The Cats Protection agency was informed and when he was checked for a microchip, it revealed he was 449 miles away from home. They are currently making arrangements to fly Pablo back form the Highlands.

His owner, Kate Partridge, 59, couldn’t believe her ears when she received the call that Pablo had been found. Although she admits he has always been a ‘character’, having been nicknamed Six Dinner Sid after a children’s book.

Just like the character in the children’s book Six Dinner Sid, Pablo also had several different homes in which he would visit and be fed.

He was a very well known cat that loved to wander the local area, having his own chair at an elderly neighbour’s home.

Partridge, who was convinced Pablo had died after his sudden disappearance, is still astounded by the news that her cat is alive and well after all this time.

It seems that this amazing tale of Brockley-born cat Pablo will go down in local history.

The family, completely overjoyed, can now be reunited with their cat Pablo after what has seemed like a lifetime without him.





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