Police confirm that a woman was attacked in Victoria Park

Victoria Park. Pic: Fin Fahey

Victoria Park. Pic: Fin Fahey

Police have confirmed that the female jogger in Victoria Park, Hackney was attacked by a male earlier yesterday morning.

ELL previously received the report via twitter on October 8, 2013.

The woman sustained injuries to the head and was taken to an East London hospital.

Her condition is not critical, but police have said she is still under medical surveillance.

Shaken, the woman has told police that she has no clear memory of the attack but that she was hit on the head by a male.

At present there is no clear description of the attacker. The police are waiting for her condition to improve before questioning her further.

There have been no reported arrests.

Police are urgently appealing for witnesses or anyone with information regarding the attack that occurred during the early hours of yesterday morning in Victoria Park, Hackney.

Anyone with information with information is encouraged to call the Police non-emergency line 101.


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