Ex-footballer’s attackers have trial postponed

Robbie Hughes' attackers' trial postponed. Pic: Scott

Robbie Hughes’ attackers’ trial postponed. Pic: Scott

Former Sutton United footballer Robbie Hughes has been told that he must wait a year for the retrial of the attackers who left him brain-damaged after an attack in Malia five years ago.

Hughes, 32 from Wallington, Croydon, was assaulted by four British men outside a nightclub on the Greek resort in 2008.

After waiting years for the retrial of his convicted attackers, Hughes and his family were told by the Greek court this morning that the retrial, which was scheduled for today, would be postponed until November 19 2014 after an appeal for adjournment was granted to the defendants’ lawyers after a double booking at the court.

The news has left the family angered, especially after they and their legal team spent thousands of pounds for witnesses to fly out to Crete for the trial this week.

Hughes’ mother told the Sutton Guardian: “It’s an absolute disgrace. We’ve come all the way over here, we’ve attended the courtroom but the defendants’ lawyers have called for man adjournment because they’ve got other cases on”.

“We’ve spent money to get over here, we’re all here, people have taken time off.”

She added: “Once again the victims have no voice. All this is going on and the government has not lifted a finger. I can’t go and speak to the Greek ambassador but they can and they haven’t”.

Curtis Taylor, Sean Branton, Daniel Bell and Joseph Bruckland from Horley, Surrey, were convicted in June 2008, after stamping on Hughes’ head and stabbing him with a bottle before leaving him for dead outside the Candy Club in Malia.

As a result of the attack, the promising athlete spent two weeks in a coma and had four operations on his brain. Hughes now suffers memory loss and due to the injuries sustained the former footballer, who also represented Croydon Athletic, will never be able to play the sport again.


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