Exploding Blackheath hog roast van injures three

 London ambulance on call Pic: Oxyman

London ambulance on call Pic: Oxyman


Three people were injured when a catering van burst into flames following the Blackheath firework display.

Though investigators are still determining the cause of the blast, unofficial sources suggest that a breached gas bottle may have been involved.

Two men and a woman suffered serious burns and smoke inhalation after the display on Saturday night, with two victims taken to Lewisham Hospital by ambulance.

At around 10:30pm, fire fighters from nearby East Greenwich and Lee Green stations were called to Blackheath Common.

Two fire engines with ten personnel quickly extinguished the blaze an hour later, cooling the two gas cylinders that remained potentially explosive in the wreckage.

Despite the incident, a spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade encouraged local citizens to attend publically organised events on their “busiest night of the year”.

She said: “Our advice is always to attend organised firework displays as they’re much safer than holding your own.”

The spokesperson said that many of the fires started on November 5 would be avoidable with a little care taken on the public’s behalf.

“If you do light your own fireworks and bonfires, please be really careful and light them well away from buildings, sheds and trees and anything else that could catch fire,” the spokesperson added.

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