National Institute for Health and Care: Hackney and Tower Hamlets family doctors among the best in UK

Tower Hamlets GPs best in London at managing blood pressure. Pic: Jesse Alwin

Tower Hamlets GPs best in London at managing blood pressure. Pic: Jesse Alwin

Family doctors in Hackney and Tower Hamlets are leading the capital and the country with their ‘excellent work’ in dealing with a range of serious conditions, according to a new report.

The report from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence said the GPs were ‘top performers’ in controlling and managing chronic kidney disease, diabetes related conditions and coronary heart disease, compared with other doctors around the country.

The boroughs’ Clinical Commissioning Groups said: “It is a huge achievement for the GPs in Newham, Hackney and Tower Hamlets to out-perform the large and high-funded US private health providers.”

The report assesses and awards GPs for how well they care for patients according to the Quality and Outcomes Framework, which is a voluntary incentive scheme.

It also ranks Tower Hamlets GPs as the best in London at controlling blood pressure in patients with chronic kidney disease and as “top performers” at managing blood pressure and cholesterol in diabetics, and people with coronary heart disease.

Dr Sam Everington, the Chair of Tower Hamlets group and a local GP said: “We’re delighted to see the success of GPs results in Tower Hamlets. It shows the level of commitment local doctors have for the care of their patients. Tower Hamlets GPs are leading the way in managing blood pressure for people with a range of health conditions.”

Everington continued: “These results are excellent news for local people with long-term health conditions in the borough.”

Doctors from Hackney and the City ranked second best in London after achieving “exceptional results for retinal screening in diabetes” and were also in the top five for managing cholesterol and blood pressure in coronary heart disease, stroke and diabetes patients in London.

GP Dr Clare Highton, who is chair of City and Hackney group, said the report was “excellent news” for the City and Hackney. Highton added: “We are looking forward to building on these excellent results, to continue to achieve this level of success and expand it into other areas of local health work.”


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