Learn “Riot from Wrong” with a documentary in Croydon

Documentary about the Croydon riots to be screened at Fairfield Halls. Pic- madtea

Documentary about the Croydon riots to be screened at Fairfield Halls. Pic: madtea

An award-winning documentary about the 2011 riots will be shown in Croydon next Thursday at Fairfield Halls, at the film’s last major public screening.

The documentary ‘Riot from Wrong’ was shot in the aftermath of the social unrest by a team of young Londoners travelling around the UK to tell the “stories not covered by the mainstream media”. Croydon was included in this tour, as one of the areas most affected by the riots.

Director of the film, Teddy Nygh, said: “The documentary has been screened 85 times across the UK and internationally. Viewers tell us the documentary is compelling and that it cuts beneath the surface to provide insight into the real story behind the riots.”

“Our aim is to bring communities together, so that we can collectively address the issues and learn from what was a dark time for Croydon and other parts of the UK in the summer of 2011.”

Thursday’s event is hosted by West Croydon Voice, a community group founded in 2011 to provide a platform for the people and businesses of Croydon affected by the riots.

Bushra Ahmed, founder of West Croydon Voice, said: “We need to engage our young people and incorporate their perspectives so that they have a stake in the community.”

Ahmed argues that Croydon has yet to face the underlying social issues that sparked the riots, and in light of the recently approved £1bn Westfield shopping centre development, added:

“The development of the new shopping centre will create an emerald city, but in surrounding areas the social issues which caused the riots will still be prevalent. This is why the screening of ‘Riot from Wrong’ is so important.”

After the free screening in the Arnhem Gallery, Nygh will host a discussion with a panel including Carol Duggan, aunt of Mark Duggan, whose shooting by police in Tottenham in August 2011 triggered the first wave of the riots.

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