Plan B helps Hackney kids to manage their future

Participants in an events management course for young Hackney residents, funded by musician Plan B, will host their debut event in Homerton next week.

The event, “Doin’ It Old Skool!” will showcase the creative cream-of-the-crop of East London with a 90’s twist.

The night is produced by DCT Events, a project run by Homerton community arts centre Chats Palace to train young people living in Hackney in music event management.

Chats Palace Youth Arts Project Manager, Rebecca David, said: “This area is under privileged and does not have a great deal of youth clubs or extra curricular events. It is mainly council estates with not many prospects for young people so there was definitely a need.”

Ben Drew, who goes by the stage name Plan B, set up Each One Teach One, the charity funding the event, to “support inspiring people and projects that improve young peoples lives.”

An EOTO spokesperson said: “Chats Palace provides an opportunity for a respected community venue to open its doors to allow young people to create their own music events.”

Plan B. Pic: Atlantic Records

Plan B. Pic: Atlantic Records

In September, the trainees were invited to meet Plan B before he played an intimate rooftop show at Shoreditch House.

One trainee, Julie, 14, from Hackney, said: “I shook his hand, gave him a hug and had my picture taken with him! He was getting ready for the show and looked pretty stressed out but he was trying to relax. It was really cool.”

After a successful pilot event on October 18, DCT are now Chats Palace’s resident music managers and will be hosting monthly events to showcase undiscovered and unsigned talent in the borough.

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