Police find body in Thames in search for Gianni Sonvico

Gianni Sonvico. Pic: Queen Mary Student Lawyer website

Gianni Sonvico. Pic: Queen Mary Student Lawyer website

A body has been found near Greenwich Pier by the Metropolitan Marine Policing Unit yesterday. The news comes in the second week of the search for a missing young barrister, Gianni Sonvico.

Police responded to reports of a body floating near the Pier at around 10 a.m. on Friday. The family of Sonvico have been notified of the find, however Scotland Yard has neither confirmed nor denied that the find is connected to that of Sonvico.

The 23-year-old lawyer was last seen attending a function at the Middle Temple on the night of October 25th.The avid Arsenal fan was spotted by police on CCTV footage from around 10:30 pm that evening, near Tower Hill. Police are concerned that Sonvico may have fallen into the Thames.

Almost 2,000 people have joined a Facebook group in an effort to spread awareness and find Sonvico, who is originally from Pembrokeshire in Wales.

Karen Chandler, Sonvico’s mother, wrote in a statement on the page: “He is my son, my world, my fellow Arsenal supporter, the person I argue with about politics and the only person in the world that can call me out. Please help bring him back to me.”

As a student, Sonvico studied law at QMUL, specialising in UK human rights. He later gained a scholarship at Middle Temple, where he was qualified as a barrister with the ambition of becoming a criminal defence lawyer.

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