Samurai swords seized during police raids in Hackney

three samurai swords seized during raid last week pic: Outside The Normal Moral Constraints

Three samurai swords were seized during the raid  Pic: Outside The Normal Moral Constraints

Three Samurai swords and a number of knives were seized last Thursday during a series of police raids in Hackney.

The raids took place across a number of estates in the borough as part of operation ‘Big Wing’, a Metropolitan Police campaign to crackdown on crime in the community.

Chief Inspector Shabnam Chaudhri said: “This operation has sent a really clear message to people who think that they can be violent, or steal from others without there being any consequences.”

“This operation is not just about a day of action; this is a relentless campaign which will continue every day, targeting those who make life a misery for others.”

A total of 32 arrests were made over the course of the day, including 12 for cases of domestic violence. The other 20 arrests were made for other offences including drugs, burglary, robbery and theft.

The operation was carried out by 145 members of staff who came together from Hackney’s Special Constables, Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Safer Transport Teams, as well as partner agencies such as Hackney Council Wardens.

The news comes just one week after an organised weapons amnesty campaign in Hackney.

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