Artists team up with church choir for special event


The Night VI Soundcheck Pic: Sound:Check

The Night VI Soundcheck Pic: Sound:Check

A one-off music event will see famous artists perform at a Hackney church to raise money for children’s charities this Friday.

Sound:Check, a live music event company, will host the live concert at St John-at-Hackney Church. Artists will use the church’s brass and string sections, church organ and choir to adapt to the venue.

Marie-Claire Denyer, Sound:Check co-founder, said that the “USP [unique selling point]” of the concerts is to “challenge artists to perform in the [church] space… and challenge [them] to present their songs and music in a way they have never presented them before.”

She said the “amazing acoustics” of St John leaves a “potential for the music to be mindblowing.”

This Friday’s concert is Sound:Check’s third event in cooperation with partner charities ChildHope and Children in Need that receive all profit from ticket sales. Some of the artists lined up are New Young Pony Club, Alice Russell, Sound:Check co-founder Stac Dowdeswell and Taiwah.

Taiwah, who describes her music as ‘twisted soul’, said she was excited to perform with the string section and choir. “It’s gonna sound awesome, the acoustics will be wonderful. It [will be] a different version of my words, feelings and emotions”, she said.

She continued: “Coming together to help [charities] is always important. If I can help through my music… I’m all for it.”

St John at Hackney Church Pic: Sound:Check

St John at Hackney Church Pic: Sound:Check

Emily Kolltveit, head of events at St John-At-Hackney, said: “The [church] space is perfect for live music. It is a sought-after and high-end venue.”

Kolltveit said that although the St John-at-Hackney is a working Anglican church, they offer the building to the whole community. She continues: “[Performers] are naturally respectful of the church and musicians have fun with the fact that they’re in a church.”

Sound:Check events amalgamate up-and-coming and established artists. Previous performers have included Gideon Conn, The Onetaste Choir and The Night VI.

Sophie-Rose Harper, from The Night VI, said the band took on the Sound:Check challenge because they were “desperate to play in a space with great acoustics. The church was perfect.”

“It was by far one of the most special shows we’ve played”, she said, “[It] has had an impact on the way we have performed – we are always seeking shows in a set ups such as the church and we want to do our EP launch in one.”

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