Goldsmiths’ Damien Hirst to build town for 3,000 people

Damien Hirst Pic: Gazanfarulla Khan

Damien Hirst Pic: Gazanfarulla Khan

Famous Goldsmiths alumnus and internationally renowned artist Damien Hirst is hoping to build an entire new town in North Devon.

‘Hirst-on-Sea’, the project’s nickname, would be constructed only five miles away from Hirst’s country manor near Ilfracombe.

The new town will consist of 750 homes, a school, commercial activities and public services like a health centre.

Hirst, one of four landowners and major financial backer of the project, told the Evening Standard he decided to lodge his application with North Devon Council because of his disgust for “anonymous, lifeless buildings”.

The council will decide next year whether they will approve his project, officially named “Southern Extension”.

Councillor Mike Edmunds, member of the strategic planning team, showed appreciation for Hirst’s application. Edmunds deemed himself “lucky to have someone with his financial clout.”

However, residents from nearby Ilfracombe have expressed concern of the “Damien domination” of the area.

Bill Potter, 68, fears local services will not be able to cope with the new 3,000 residents expected to move into ‘Hirst-on-Sea’.

Hirst, allegedly Britain’s richest living artist with a valued wealth of £215million, already owns a restaurant, a hotel, and harbour properties in Ilfracombe.

The news comes the same day as the Metropolitan Police announced that two of Hirst’s pieces were stolen from a gallery in Notting Hill.

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