I moustache you a question: Movember men talk to ELL

Nietzsche's moustache Pic: Mr F Hartmann

Nietzsche’s moustache Pic: Mr F Hartmann

Movember has come to an end and proud moustaches everywhere are facing the razor.

Across the UK mustachioed men have helped to raise a staggering £13 million for male cancer charities.

We spoke to ‘Mo Bros’ across ELL boroughs about how they felt about their experiences and why their whiskers were so full of wisdom.

Pic: Chiara Rimella

Pic: Chiara Rimella

Mark [he asked us not to use his last name], 25, waiter at @Cooperage_SE10, Deptford:

“The people at my work were all growing one, and it seemed like a good idea. It was also the one time in my life I could grow a moustache and justify it to my girlfriend! It’s quite funny and it indirectly starts conversations about serious stuff with people. Sometimes though, they end up just joking about how it looks like a cappuccino stain… I got told yesterday that at work we raised over £300! I think people could talk about cancer more. I guess some do Movember just for the hell of having a moustache.”

 Boris Weisz Pic: Chiara Rimella

Pic: Chiara Rimella

Boris Weisz, 21, student, Whitechapel:

“Well, I was growing a beard in early November and decided to shave it off and jump on the bandwagon with the whole Movember thing. I haven’t raised money (which I feel a little bad about), but I do want to raise awareness. I think lots of people have just grown taches for the sake of it and not done it for a noble cause. Also, this is my first time growing a proper moustache, it went ok but I feel next year I’ll be able to grow a full on bush – or at least a small shrubbery.”

Frank Zamolo Pic: Chiara Rimella

Pic: Chiara Rimella

Frank Zamolo, 22, hairdresser @Bluetitlondon, Haggerston:

“It all started in a funny way, I never had a moustache in the staff pictures at my work, so I started to grow a beard especially for that and then decided to shave it off and only leave a moustache for this Movember. I feel very close to the cause for personal reasons as my uncle had prostate cancer. My moustache has definitely helped starting conversations about the issue, especially in a job like mine where things like these get picked up on and everytime that happens the issue comes out. Also, my girlfriend likes it so I think I’ll keep growing it!”

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