Tech City: technology jobs on the rise in east London

Silicon Roundabout in the heart of Tech City

Silicon Roundabout in the heart of Tech City Pic Clive Darra

The increase of jobs in London’s technology and digital industries has outstripped national job growth over the past three years, according to a report from Tech City UK.

The report, released on Friday by the east London based organisation, showed that the increase of 16%, since 2010, was over 50 times greater than the 0.3 per cent growth in employment across the UK.

It also highlighted that 27% of all job growth in London came from the technology sector, and the number of technology companies in London has nearly doubled in the past three years, from 49,969 in 2009 to 88,215 in 2012.

The release coincided with the organisation’s third year anniversary celebrations, which was attended by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Tech City CEO, Joanna Shields, said: “In 2010, the government recognised the growth potential of the tech sector and three years on, the results are significant.”

She continued: “The economic impact generated by creative and innovative digital businesses is not only supporting our recovery, but as today’s new data shows it has ensured our lead as one of the world’s leading digital economies.”

Jonny Rose, creator of Croydon Tech City, a community driven movement that hopes to follow in Tech City UK’s footsteps, said that TechCity UK had been an undeniable success: “You can’t argue with the data. Under the stewardship of Joanna Shields, it’s been a great year for Tech City.”

He added:“I think Tech City is finally beginning to find itself. I think ‘identity crisis’ might be too strong, but it still suffers from some branding issues. It’s just a case of Tech City slowly maturing,” said Rose.

Started in 2010, over the past three years Tech City has supported the growth of many ‘start-up’ technology and digital businesses. This has seen the amount of businesses like this rapidly increase. Around Shoreditch, Hackney, Tech City’s main base, there are currently 1,300 startups currently in operation.

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